Leverage Your Influence

New flooring and home furnishings are recurrently bought together. Floorco offers a coherent diversification and natural way to further maximize relationships established with your customers.

Convenient Store-Within-A-Store Offering

Become a one-stop-shop for home design and home decor solutions.

Low Cost Entry

This best of the best complete merchandising package with ‘Go-To specials’ and quick product delivery eliminates the need for product inventory.

Increase Sales

Group buying power with national pricing and quarterly promotions on proven product selections allows you immediate competitive advantages.

Grow Margins

Exclusive brand to Nationwide members with private labeling helps maintain average margins north of 40%.

Educate Consumers

Product training available in-store and also on-line with product and display specific modules.

Streamline Operations

Review Best Practices and Proven-Ways involving showroom lay-out, department management, sales, marketing and promotion, warehouse operations, measuring and installation.